Dr. Stephen Fugler

Family Health in Sylvan Lake

403 887 4418 for Appointments
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Complete examinations

For Female
Thursdays and Fridays

For Males, Children, Drivers Medicals and Pre-Operative
Monday to Friday

Small Procedures

(e.g. Removal of suspicious lesions)
Tuesday and Wednesday

Injections for birth control, etc

Other Services

In conjunction with the Wolf Creek Primary Care Network we are providing the following services at our office.

Family Nurse
Our family nurse, Leigh Halvorson, is available for appointments on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to help patients manage chronic health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, weight concerns, COPD and asthma. Assistance with smoking cessation is also available.

Our dietician, Ashley Bourque, sees patients on Mondays.

Lori Carter comes in twice a month on Friday afternoons to do drug reviews with patients with complex medication issues.

Lung Function Testing
On the last Tuesday of every month Shayne Theriault of Respiratory Home Care Solutions does Spirometry tests at our office.

Services Not Covered By Alberta Health

Some services are not insured by Alberta Health Care. Patients are required to pay for these services themselves. Examples of such services are:

Please allow adequate time for the completion of forms. We try to complete forms as soon as possible, but depending on our work load, it could take several weeks.

Services We Do Not Provide

Due to limited time and resources we do not offer the following services:

Aviation completes
Industrial Health Medicals
Travel Advice and vaccinations

For industrial Health medicals we recommend you phone the office of Dr Sandy Murray in Red Deer at (403) 342-5400

For Travel Advice and vaccination we recommend you call the Travel Clinic of Dr. Fred Ollewagen in Red Deer at (403) 358-5818

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Phone: (403) 887-4418
After Hours / Emergency:
(403) 343-4422